SHWAY secuirities are cryptocurrency tokens issued by ShwayComs for ownership and licencing quotes, refunds settling of outstanding sums while also used to make offers for philanthropic space related goods and services; sell listing travels etc: in the space marketplace. ShwayComs philanthropic aim is to subsidize space related goods and services like travel to and from mars, the moon and other destinations at the very least facilitate travel with other services when  becoming available offered by spacefaring companies and space tourism private companies. We reserve the right and may make other related offers as they come online becoming available to the public or otherwise.

SHWAY tokens are also used to track  contributions and stipends to ShwayComs.

ShwayComs will participate forward through to 2030 in bids for SpaceX Blue Origin Mars Virgin Galactic ticket fares and settle ticket fares for passengers with Martian Dollars SHWAY at fixed announced list prices for auctions and promotions.

Purchase gift certificates or gift SHWAY which is an idealic gift idea for those desiring space related fares and travel. The value of SHWAY cryptocurrency is fixed and trends upwards with 1000% roi over ten years. Expressed listed fares are for Virgin Galactic, Moon Express also Blue Origin / SpaceX products so far.

Travel broker; you will receive tickets conducive to check-in DATES and make reservations that can be quoted in SHWAY.

You can show support or invest with ShwayComs by purchasing SHWAY.

Sell SHWAY to others and / or give amounts SHWAY to an address at ethereum blockchain addresses for tokens.

Buy our crypto tokens today here at for $59.43 and when we can after licence settlement we will redeem SHWAY in 2030 with 1000 SHWAY being a passage to mars with SpaceX.

Save for passage to mars or the moon with a 10:1 return (roi) projected to co-inside with a 2030 mars launch window.

SHWAY is the ideal gift for the spacefaring enthusiast.

2024 has a mars launch window with 2 week buy back window where buybacks coinside in SHWAY price updates for mars launch windows.  The price of SHWAY at is updated depending on number of fares outstanding and the status of ShwayComs ip value relative to 2030 earliest issue.

2020 SHWAY Buy $0.00 Sell $59.43

SHWAY is a 10x instrument with which can raise funds and make virtual payments for development and management of technologies also subsidize future travels to and from off world destinations like mars or the moon. SHWAY travel subsidy is an ipo with a maturity valuation at market of $625m which matures for warrant planned >$625m in 2030. Unless the token is worth more than $59.43 in 2030 on public exchanges there is a scheduled planned buyback at $59.43 USD per SHWAY. Purchase a gift to mars or possibly the moon optional later on with SHWAY an investment that is redeemable with investment buffer or book travel when you desire,  book your planned cosmonaut travel with ShwayComs at any time before 2030.

SHWAY is a managed fixed price virtual share token asset from ShwayComs and as such has fiat monetary value with future value while having a "the house always wins" as a founding vision and understanding.

The Martian Dollar ticket fare raffle.

Raffle draws available for subsidized fare to mars in 2030 and later. For a lottery draw of 1000 Mars fare bookings we will choose a random number from 1 through the number of participants to pick winners. Costing only 100 SHWAY to participate we draw lots for the raffle in the two weeks of each mars window and there is a very good chance of success with this option currently 100% and would be 10% chance of winning were there to be 1000 participants. 10 winners are allotted in week 2022 launch window 20 winners in 2025 and so on with 30 winners to be alotted in 2027 and the balance prior to 2030's. This raffle requires an email address to participate.

Through SHWAY bond contracts ShwayComs can subsidize and facilitate travel fare to mars for 1000 passengers at a discount fare price of 1000 SHWAY for tickets at launch window 2030  and beyond when redeemed. We also offer space launch fare subsidy to near space outer atmosphere for 2028 and beyond for 500 ticket fares at a cost to you of 500 SHWAY each. Martian Dollar dividend payments are allocated and paid out co-insiding with mars launch windows.

In order to make a purchase of SHWAY one makes a payment in Ethereum to the address | 0x934956ab92e0476e91de60499e154c1fdb486aeb | which is identified with a sender address - your address- SHWAY are sent back to you for the payment amount. There is a MOQ minimum order quantity of 100 SHWAY. This is seperate from participating in the Martian Dollar raffle where we also need a name and email in order to participate; this information is obtained from the raffle order form where that information is requested.

By purchasing SHWAY cryptocurrency tokens you directly support ShwayComs and the current technology platform we offer with mission directive. How are we going to settle fares that are apparently being subsidized at 10x thier announced actual prices? We offer these philanthropic subsidies of fares at a later date 2030 with a liability close to $625m through capital raise by direct ip sale alternative lien financing with for example spacex / blue origin or  financial institution. One can also purchase SHWAY without planned passage rather as an investment or gift in amounts not equal to an astronautic fare.

ShwayComs manufacturing licences will be granted for 6 aerospace manufacturers. Assume that 6x manufacturers will produce a production equivalent to 10 high end vehicles annually each for an annual total of 60 vehicles. High end aerospace vehicles cost in the region of $400,000,000 each for an annual licensed production of $24,000,000,000. Intellectual property rights extend for 20 - 30 years so $24,000,000,000 x 20 = $480,000,000,000 production potential for licensing. ShwayComs licensing is levied at 7% of production thereby portfolio licencing rights for the proposed technologies can be valued at $33,600,000,000 alloactable to SHWAY cryptosecurity share. ShwayComs's intellectual property portfolio is valued with a present value of $25,000,000,000 and there are 420,690,000 outstanding shares in the SHWAY cryptosecurity issue which cannot be altered in blockchain records and ownership can be easily proven via blockchain. We therefore take the evaluation figure of $25,000,000,000 and divide by 420,690,000 to derive a present value share price of $59.43

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