Fantastic research breakthroughs achieved by Lene Vestergaard  
Post date : 2012  
After weighing the implications of Lene Hau's research breakthroughs I was left with the impression that this research may progress to incredible breakthroughs in energy storage. Releasing energy from a condensate battery in a consistent and effective way is to fire a magnetic blast into it for duration. Should technique be refined and adaptable, energy storage fuel cells can be developed that store electromagnetic energy at next to no weight cost and capable of phenomenal density to a cell. This is since electromagnetic energy in wave form does not share space and is not known to condense into anything. A fair amount of research has been carried out to try and get it to do so, unsuccessfully so far.
For space faring application, the ability to store energy in this way would mean very real fuel allocated weight savings and they would be able to take on fuel for years of operation before departure from space port.

Lene Hau succeeds in the laboratory to reduce distance for a wave form bringing it to a closer proximity with it's void reference; in effect the wave form is accelerating to a future existence where time for everything other than the wave form propagates at an accelerated pace because in Hau's bose-einstein condensate the wave form is at a reduced distance from void reference hence increased presence and under less than status quo dimensional stress - a ground state medium optical super conductor.

If what was achieved at the Hau lab is a modified spatial geometry in confinement allowing electro magnetic energy in wave form to own space without undergoing transition to an altered state then this should be feasible within the next fifty years as such projects tend to take time.