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  • With trends in carbon emissions by households persisting, climate models for linear global warming should consider the settling aggregation of carbons released as rising with increased temprature; thereby atmospheric suspension aggregations for fossil fuel pollution emitted carbons, carbon as the basis of organics in polycarbon chains contributing to smog, compounding in potentially deteriorating biosphere sustainability.

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  • Avaition traffic imposes an annual carbon release of ~900 million tonnes (§.Aldo Steinfeld) of carbon into the atmosphere annually creating a demand for alternate propulsion methods as with fully electric propulsion methods.

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  • Title: ShwayComs - Space Elevator SL-01
    Author(s): Stefan Tubman(1)
    Control ID#: 1956771
    Presentation Type: Technical Paper
    Session Type: Technical Paper
    Session: APC-03, Unique Propulsion Concepts I, July 30, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM, (individual presentation time subject to change)
    ONLY Author with manuscript upload access: Stefan Tubman (presenting author, as designated in this submission) has been accepted for presentation at
    AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition 2014: 50th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference

    The detailed conference program is available on the conference website here Detailed Program, within one week.

    We invite you to present your work at the conference, to take place in Cleveland, Ohio, 28-30 Jul 2014.

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  • SPN: Replace Phone Carriers with Apps


When Facebook shelled out $19 billion for mobile messaging app WhatsApp in February 2014, it had many Americans scratching their heads. "A texting…

RE: This is something that can easily be done in a noncentralized structure like at VoipSweden's router and Mizutech so what are the implications of implementing this now - There would be a concentrate drift to wi-fi with billions of user ap's world wide for in home calls and this means billions of added RF emission sources logging - especially true in density urban areas - over here the jury is out on weather this is something to jump into quickly for ad revenue - 2.4GHZ does transfer energy to moisture and then there is 5GHZ all of which are being tuned down in emission strength by manufacturers as technology allows for example usb-n 3G 4G. DLR / IRF aparently is aware of this concearn and has recently made initiatives to propose light pollution studies. Ready when you are energies may seem insignificant when taking into account naturaly occuring energy releases.......

  • msg: M.Zukerberg 2014-12-15 ... On evaluation of this evolution of progressive our recommend is positive wireless adoption in order to facilitate rapid succession of -n 2.4Ghz with support focus on varied platforms redundant of legacy a/b/g networks. Radio dissapation in path of infrastructure confrontation does not possess the same thermal grounding dynamic as radio dissapation in free space atmospherics with a factor of dissapation drop height along with signal drop over time bearing relation to altitudes and densities.