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The Earth's magnetic field, also called the geomagnetic field, which effectively extends several tens of thousands of kilometers into space, forms the Earth's magnetosphere. § Source Wikipedia

Constant field thirty to sixty grams magnetic pressure at surface area; solar storms can present windows of manifold magnetic pressure increase often of two to eight hours duration.

The earth's magnetic field is a strong one and is created by lunar rotation against it's geo dynamo. We don't think of it being that strong and it goes largely unnoticed. The reason that this can go on is due to shape and size plus comparitive immersion in it's field extending some 35,000 miles§ (USGS Open-File Report 99-132) into space resulting in a low field divergence for objects at the surface of the earth.

While this illustration is for the same static field, to the left, field lines have a low divergence and produce not much noticable force on a paramagnetic, to the right with a higher divergence a stronger force is produced by the same field for a magnetic ordered paramagnetic immersed in this field. The earths field is compared to be 10% that of common household refrigerator magnets.


Yang Juan's EmDrive microwave research


§ Brands and alliance logos displayed represent a random myriad of choice potential assets currently at the disposal of the world wealth community without notice of any endorsement

This vessel is called the space crane because it not only elevates off magnetic bodies like the earth also exhibiting crane like thermal flight dynamic along with crane like latitudinal responses at a static with tides; an anomaly in the classical laws of motion. It can do this horizontally like a compass or at 90 degrees theoretically. A mode of employ for lifting prefab infrastructure into near space.

Requirement: Other than rocket propulsion of various types and solar sails there is no other proven technology existing for spacefaring. This is a unique breakthrough of process and methodology in logistical spacefaring which cannot be dismissed. The technologies employed exist where the practice, usage and conception did not; I claim ownership as proponent and originator of this concept step towards spacefaring having researched solutions.

Practical proapplication :

Ionized gas electric solenoid spacecraft magnetosphere propulsion would be a practical approach in putting up infrastructure for regular load carrying shuttle service routing to and from Mars (a highway) and lunar domestic cargo load bearing bi-direction with lunar minerals return cargo. There is the need to eventually develop terra forming scale technologies at the municipal level in order to maintain our own environment when thinking of our well being in the long term scheme of things ( 100,000 years ) . Degradation of things like loss of ozone belt may take place over hundreds of years but these threats are there and have consequences; this cited probably requires some sort of reconstitution. We would accomplish a great deal in my opinion if we can learn to thrive in a place like Mars where we could build biosphere communities as well as engage in productive self sustaining activities like exploration and adding to the wealth of everybody (things we have yet to uncover).

Having been in dialogue with noteworthy physicists on internet network meeting point; thier interest in this logistics was to suggest to look to getting helium 3,4,5,6,7 isotopes from the moon which would greatly simplify fusion reactors today supplying a significant municipal input of the earths energy requirement and releasing alpha helium elements (atmospheric bind) as a positive compliment. Apparently 22.7 tonnes of refined meta helium isotopes is suggested to be the required estimate of total yearly minicipal raw material reportedly; what volume of heliosphere this would contribute has yet to be evaluated from known ores estimated to concentrate at 67ppm resulting in a measure of 15 tonnes of haulage per kilogram of this mineral at that site. The composition of Uranus at 20 AU is thought to be of 3% helium yielding 30 kilos of refined helium ores per processed tonne of material , it also has a magnetosphere but presents harsh working environmental realities . Logistics ( transportation ) understanding of this alpha helium expansion initiative is that climatologist physicists would like to increase the radiating sink properties of the heliosphere positively affecting exosphere exposure green housing. Ethically I can't reason that lunar has ever had what are the requisite tour dynamics to have been habitable to consider this enterprize marauding.
During 2012 the US congress passed a $35 bn administration waver for a moon base establishment is a good example of progress, ESA, visible at Esrange and Kiruna Space Port extended fully open to enterprize several new and attractive packages.

NB: I have some magnetic schematics from Open Aero SpaceX which I am continually working on; submissions by interested parties to appreciated.

NB: Energy projections to exosphere space may create radical adverse weather react conditions in the ionosphere.