ShwayComs - Support or Initiative :

Initiatives of support - stipends - grants - consult - proposals or sponsorship is managed by the following accounts in aid of ShwayComs's efforts. Grants / stipends are appreciated for furthering patent redrafts by professional patent engineering bureaus ( copy paste review of original documents by five peer engineering scripters and draftsmen to compile booklets with professional graphics ) elaborated prodocument ideas, do experiments, build scale models, along with PCT/EPC filing and advocacy.

Transfer Initiative :

Martian Dollar Ethereum security token "SHWAY" reciprocates all transactions

1 SHWAY = $69.42 EUR

For TT initiative pls contact ShwayComs directly or via co-ordinator for transfer details :

ShwayComs | |

Suggested co-ordinator mediator if required :

Adress: Skånegatan 1, 411 40 Göteborg
Telefon: +46 10-213 10 00

Ethereum transfer :


Transaction details for technology developer license :

License agrement extends to all ShwayComs IP : Available x6
Signing fee ownership of 420.690 SHWAY tokens
Annuity service investment is purchasing 42,069 SHWAY tokens
Reproduction levy is set at 7% of product gross


Portfolio 2015 License-MAP Sample Affiliates

ShwayComs Centripetal Vortex Propulsion PRV 1800145-3
ShwayComs Cubis Specific CS-01 PRV 1100635-0
ShwayComs Space Crane SL-02 MHR PRV 1100368-8‏
ShwayComs Inertial Frame Propulsion PRV 1300274-6

ShwayComs Hydraulic Battery / Capacitor Jenta PRV 1300443-7
ShwayComs Pneumatic Battery / Capacitor Kenta PRV 1300494-0
ShwayComs Foil Radio Battery PRV 1500507
ShwayComs Kenta Thermal Harvester PRV 2200050-9

ShwayComs Helmslip H-01 PRV 1000733-4
ShwayComs Dark Energy Platform PRV 1300118-5
ShwayComs Cardio FP-03 PRV 1300110-2



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