ShwayComs - CA-01 & CA-02 Reference : 1000454-7








Claims : This type of processor cooler fan free and superconductor chip model with fan mount, refrigeration and injection weld mold fitted connectors does not exist for computer equipment.

  The refrigerate models fan is mounted topside of the CA-01 To facilitate active cooling below surrounding tempratures.
  The refrigerate model is optimisezd with the computers bios software which is modified to step operating frequency with the core temprature of the processor. Known as overclocking , when the frequency of the processor is turned up this causes the processor to consume more energy and produce greater heat. This type of refrigerated cooler would allow a processor designed to run without this type of overheat protection normally at 3Ghz stepped by the bios regulatory software when permitted to 5 Ghz for example steping in accordance with temprature. This would greatly improve performance for example in multicore threaded processor types currently being produced. The desired goal of this refrigerate at below zero tempratures is to lend practicality to the use of low resistance or superconductive mediums in processors.
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  This submission is from 2009 . Download PDF Socket overview PDF