cg-s4 - Cubis Specific CS-01 PRV Reference : 1100635-0


cg-s4 : Cubis Specific Invisible Cue Spacecraft ( for exploration )


This cubis specific spacecraft is paneled with LED type monitor screens making the vehicle visible light invisibility capable for exploration known as cloaking. Can be viewed in 3D with polarized viewing specticles.


This cloaking approach should work very well in urban and terra terrain environments, satellite monitoring also for the visible spectrum not only in space so as not to appear threatening to the environment.

Technically it is only partial cloaking as it will only cover the visible spectrum. Anyone monitoring other EM frequencies or alternate forms of radiation will be able to detect the vessel.

Additionally, you'd have to program the LCD's to produce a light intensity that matches the intensity coming from any background star pattern it is attempting to fake.

Cubis Specific